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Love for this sector was born within the walls of the house, when as a child I looked at that large aquarium made by my father in the living room.
I looked at the tranquility and the beauty of those unexpected colors between 4 glasses ...
Having an otherwise unreachable corner of the world in a room has always thrilled me.
We are born right there!
From that amazement and from so much apprenticeship. MORE THAN A COMPANY WE ARE A GREAT FAMILY that tries, with passion and seriousness, to convey to ANYONE the desire and the same emotions we feel when we see one !!
WE AT HARDREEF are happy to transport you and accompany you in all phases of the DESIGN, SET UP AND CARE OF THE AQUARIUM!.
Our greatest satisfaction is when our customers tell us: I RECOMMEND YOU DO YOU, I TRUST WITH EYES CLOSED !!



Import and trade of marine invertebrates.

We did not improvise aquarists so by chance, but our passion was born as early as 1974, at an amateur level.

one of our founders is GIOVANNI ANTINOLFI who in 1988 was for a year learning the management and marketing from a Roman importer Nicola D'Enrico, thus the Calypso 2000 store was born, after 3 years, due to serious health problems, despite himself forced to sell the shop, however, the management and maintenance of the greenhouse continues at Corallarium, in fact I thank Filippo and JULIE SLADE, for their guide, without them 2 it would never have been possible.

Our services are: direct sale of marine invertebrates, assistance for aquariums, marine and non-marine, construction and repair of tanks, always trying to give you the best on the market.

Our animals are quarantined in our greenhouse, therefore we guarantee 100% quality, thanks to all.



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