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National shipments TNT / UPS / BRT

Express shipping, with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours (Calabria and major islands 48 hours) after sending, has a cost of € 19

For the good of the animal, to minimize any possible delay, we invite you to use the deposit lock service (to be specified in the notes when ordering).

Express 10 shipping, with guaranteed delivery by 10.00 the day after shipment to major Italian locations, has a total cost of € 22

If you reside in Calabria or in the major islands then we recommend using the Express Islands / Calabria service (by air), with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours after shipment, at a total cost of € 22.

Purchases of products only (not animals) have a shipping cost of € 7. For purchases that include products and animals, the shipping costs applied remain those chosen for animals. Of 19 euros, for orders over 250 excluding VAT and transport euro shipping is free

Hardreef is not responsible for non-delivery, in the event that the customer:

to. cannot be found at the delivery address communicated at the time of the order

b. if the customer chooses the freeze deposit option and does not go to the chosen warehouse

If one of the two hypotheses occurs and the animal arrives dead, it will not be reimbursed

If the animal arrives damaged and / or partially dead it will not be reimbursed


Hardreef follows the European law concerning the DOA: if the animal arrives dead or dies within and no later than 24 hours from arrival, the total price of the animal will be refunded.

This refund will be made only if the conditions for carrying it out are in place.

The refund cannot be claimed if the customer:

to. is not in the place he has chosen for the arrival of the order

b. cannot be found by the courier for delivery

c. do not notify us in time of any change of address with respect to the one chosen when ordering

d. is not in the place of delivery of the order at the established times (if you have any needs you can tell us)

is. does not collect the order in the warehouse of his choice with the option to deliver the warehouse hold

f. refuse delivery of the order

All complaints will be handled by our customer service department and our administrative department.

customer service number: 0698181232

Hardreef team

Information regarding the online resolution of disputes pursuant to Art. 14 Par.1 of the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution Regulation):

The European Commission gives consumers the possibility to resolve disputes online, pursuant to Art. 14 Par. 1 of the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) on one of its platforms. The platform ( ) serves as a place where consumers can try to reach out-of-court settlements on disputes arising from online purchases and service contracts.

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