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The prices of the items on sale are only applicable to online purchases. Prices cannot be applied to purchases made in our shop.

Customers wishing to purchase online and collect items in our store can select "in-store pickup" at the time of purchase. We kindly ask you to specify in the notes the day and time in which you want to collect the order, this will be ready in the store.


For the Vivo, thermal insulating polystyrene boxes are used.

The nylon bags used to contain fish and corals will all be closed with double elastic to ensure 100% closure;

All the animals inside the box are covered with polystyrene balls and thermal insulating sheets, so that the temperature remains more constant, the bags remain straighter and also to avoid accidental bumps during transport.

The box is then closed and placed inside a cardboard box (depending on the single or double wave size) sealed with abundant packing tape and during the winter warmers are inserted to keep the internal temperature constant.

On the outside of the box we affix signs with FRAGILE written on them.

All this allows us to avoid 99% of the deaths of our animals during transport to customers.

Hardreef's staff

Payment methods

- Cash on delivery: you will have to calculate an increase of € 8.00 per order for the courier collection costs. Contrassegno is not accepted as a method of payment for VIVO.

- PayPal: it is one of the most popular micropayment systems, simple, free, secure.

- Bank transfer the shipment is subject to credit

- Credit cards we accept the most popular credit cards

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